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more fun at the helms... of the spam mobile - ............off with 'er head [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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more fun at the helms... of the spam mobile [Sep. 25th, 2008|10:19 pm]
So today's trip was a fun-filled cuss-fest, as per usual. I thought I was doing so well upon leaving the house at the time I should be leaving[which never happens] to make the wonderous morning commute. I was so proud of myself, and even said "Yay!! So, I will actually be early, or on time, even!" Which turned out to bite me in the ass. I am however, glad that I do not have to get onto the interstate, as that would be murderous.

Moving along. The other people outso far this morning seemed to be a fellow leadfoot. Which was rather nice, as I didnt have bitch a lot.

I get a good distance down the road, and noticed, after doing a quick checklist exam ensuring that I had all the necessary tools for my shift, that my gut was right. I had indeed forgotten something. I just knew it!! Fuck, I did not have my bandage that I use to cover my left arm where my 1/2 sleeve is exposed. Nor did I happen to have a spare in the car. Panictime! Sonofabitching' crackhouse rules, make me cover my tats when I serve. Instantly I grab for my phone, and hurry up trying to call the house. Yay. Eric is still there!!

I have him bring it to me, as I wait at the end of a church parking lot. Five minutes seemed like a lifetime. I cannot be late, and get wrote up. Ugh! He makes it there finally, and I continue on my trip.

I get behind two cars, at the stop light, which I thought was good. Until, they were the slowest fucks on the road. It's 40mph, up until a certain point, and then it goes down to 35mph. However, this stupid fucking asscock decides that a nice constant 30 was a good speed. So for around 6-7mins, I was very very pissed, and screaming at both of them. I finally get to the next light, and go right, which involves just yielding to uncoming traffic in the next lane over. There is even a solid line there, so that pple from the other side, coming from the left, only turn in the left lane. Not this dumb shit that decided to turn into my lane, almost smacking up against the driver's side of my car. HELLO!!! Im sort of already here, you goddamn idiot! Then I end up having to follow him the rest of the way. Which, it doesnt end there. He is also one of those drivers that thinks they need to constantly change lanes. Which I admit, I do that quit often. However I am an exception, as I make sure to look in the lane Im changing to, and I also use my turn signal, BEFORE I get over.